In this fast growing city of Hyderabad where pure oxygen is becoming scarce and where people dont have enough space to even stretch their legs , there is an absolute need for people to go out into nature and experience the freedom spend sometime away from the noise and pollution of the city.

"Prashantivan" which means peaceful woods, is located just 50 kilometers from Medchal which is 1 hour drive on the new 4 track national highway 44 (old NH7). The construction started in Nov 2009 and completed recently. Subbuji who founded "Ashta Siddhi Yoga Kendra" was divinely guided to manifest this beautiful place amidst flora and fauna. Lot of beautiful birds including peacocks visit this place.

Prashantivan has the following facilities now

1. Dhyana Mandir
2. Vasathi Griham
3. Pakasala
4. Raja Rajeshwari Alayam
5. Tapo Kuteer (Subbujis personal room for Meditation)
6. Common toilets

One can enjoy a class of yoga and meditation enjoying the beautiful scenary and listening to the sounds of birds chirping and singing. The dhyana mandir can accomodate 20 people. During these 2 years many visitors who came here were in awe of the place and have been asking for a private cottage so that they can come more often and also spend their week ends with more privacy. Keeping their requests in mind Subbuji is now planning to have 20 cottages built for the benefit of people who are seeking some quiete and peaceful time away from the city.

One need not go to the Himalayas nor Rishikesh and they can get the same peace here which is just 1 hour from the city.