Each cottage will be on approx 100 sq yds plot and the construction details are as below.The entire land will be fenced with barbed wire and will have 24 hour security. PTZ cameras will be installed so you can see your cottage from anywhere in the world on your laptop.Total number of cottages are 8.

1. Size of the cottage will be 12' x 10 ' Room 2 nos with 6'X 6' feet open kitchen and with  a 6' x 4 ' Toilet.
2. Brick construction with good quality wooden windows 2 nos and Main door
3. Standard electrical wiring with 4 light points , 3 plug points and 2 Fan points in each cottage
4. Flooring is of ceramic tiles. Kitchen will have a sink and a polished stone top with 1 tap
5. Roof is RCC for ground floor unit and the first floor unit.
6. Each cottage will have an undivided share of land from 80-100 Sq yds .

Greenary in front of the cottage

1. Each cottage will have coconut trees, 2 Mango trees, and a 10'x10' lawn with flower trees.
2. Maintenance of the plants is free for 1 year
3. Vegetable garden will be created according to season